We’ve all been hearing about it — Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in Canada. Many people are happy about this…but many Landlords have shown some concern. As a Landlord myself, I’ve added a clause that specifically prohibits the use of any kind on properties. Below is the clause that may be added or amended to your Lease agreements! For any questions or tips on investing in real estate, marijuana clauses, or just real estate in general. Call 519-624-5555 or email faisal@homeshack.com

Marijuana Lease Clause:

Due to the known health risks of exposure to second-hand smoke and the damages that may be caused by growing marijuana or cannabis plants, increased risk of fire and increased maintenance costs;

a) No Tenant, resident, guest, invitee or visitor shall smoke a Marijuana or other tobacco cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarette or any similar product whose use generates smoke or vapours within the building and the Leased Premises.

This prohibition includes all residential units within the building, all balconies and patios, enclosed common areas, as well as outside within 9 meters of doorways, operable windows and air intakes;

b) “Smoking” shall include inhaling, exhaling, burning or carrying of any tobacco or electronic cigarette or similar product whose use generates smoke or vapour;

c) No Tenant shall grow any Marijuana, Cannabis or similar plant in any part of the Leased Premises.

The Landlord or his authorized person shall be allowed to visit the property four times a year to inspect the premises, by giving 48 hours notice to the Tenant.