Walkthrough Tips for Home Buyers

When you’re buying a home there is a vital step in the process that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The buyer at this point is able to confirm that the condition of the house is what was agreed to. This opportunity is in place to verify that any previously, documented, agreed upon repairs or improvements were completed and that nothing disastrous has happened.

However, as it often happens, home buyers caught in the happiness of finishing up the process quickly blows through the walkthrough and miss important aspects. Take these five tips to ensure that you don’t fall into any traps laid out.

Not on Closing Day
Don’t let your walkthrough be scheduled for the closing day. If you find on closing day that an agreed upon repair wasn’t complete, what will you do? You are setting yourself up to not be able to have any problems you find to be resolved. Do the two walkthroughs, the first to ensure that any problems have been identified and the second to see that these issues were corrected. While the option to delay your closing may be an option, there isn’t a guarantee that a delay would be approved.

Don’t get stuck taking out the trash.
The blur that is moving is the exact same for whoever is moving out of your home. Be careful to make sure to point out anything it looks like the sellers are going to leave behind. Boxes in forgotten corners or in general storage spaces like hallway closets. The house should be entirely empty. We’ve all seen the horror movies that start out with finding the sellers old photos. The true horror is moving into a house where you have to take out a ton of trash or stuff you don’t really care about.

Ask for things you need…
Sets of keys, codes to alarm systems, correlating manuals, and garage openers are all things you should ask for. If something comes with your house such as an appliance or the above-mentioned garage door opener you are going to need access to use and the manual to tell you how.

Surprise…It’s Empty!
Usually, when a buyer settles on a house, it is full of the seller’s belongings. Seeing it completely empty can be a shock, but don’t be discouraged. This is the opportunity for you to take full stock of your new home. The furniture and homey things that made the house appear like a well, home, will be back but this time with your own things.