Use your home to create wealth!

Thanks to the incredible appreciation that we are currently enjoying in real estate values, we now have more equity in our homes than ever before!  Now is a great time to visit the value of your home and assess the amount of equity that you have.

If you are able to access between $50,000 to $75,000 of equity from your home, chances are you could purchase an investment property.

Here are some of the many benefits of investment properties:

1) Low interest rates make for low payments

2) Tenant pays the mortgage and carrying costs

3) Passively pay down your mortgage by 5 to 7% per year

4) The market is increasing anywhere from 5% to 10% annually

5) As quickly as 15 years, your investment property is paid off

6) The right realtor will find you a tenant and manage the property for you! No hassles or worries!

Seek the advice of your banker and your realtor to learn how you can get started.

I have helped hundreds of homeowners create wealth using this very simple technique.  I’m here and happy to help any questions you have about real estate and investment properties! Call me at 519-624-5555 or e-mail