To stage, or not to stage

This is a question I’m often asked. We are currently in a market where the buyer is just happy to get an opportunity to buy a home. There is very little inventory and the demand for a home in the Waterloo region is at an all-time high.

Staging is not needed in my opinion. In times of high inventory, one must do whatever it takes to make their home “shine”, and be competitive in the market.

Staging is not always the answer. Staging has become a huge business but is there really a need? In my opinion, the #1 priority should be to declutter, deodorize and CLEAN your home.

Agents often use the “crutch” of a stager to not offend the seller. Save your money on staging costs and go back to basics — De-Clutter!

In rare cases of vacant homes, or homes where the furnishings are unflattering, there may be a need for staging.

An experienced Realtor who sells hundreds of homes should be able to consult and save you $$$! I’m happy to be your real estate, consultant!

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