Launch Your Farm Show

Faisal spoke on the 39th episode of the Launch Your Farm Show. We discussed Faisal’s journey to become the number one agent with RE/MAX in Canada and how he has grown an incredibly unique business model over his 30+ years in the business. 

He built his business farming his community starting small and scaling to an incredible business. He built it by focusing on the fundamentals of building his brand and marketing to his farm by following what the successful agents were doing. He focused on the models that the successful agents were doing and mimicked his business to match that. And then he expanded his own business by putting his personal touch to it. 

In this episode Faisal talks about:

• Why you should learn to be a marketer and not a “salesperson”. 

• Faisal shares how he started with a small farm of 1000 homes and then scaled up slowly. And then as he grew, he continually added different marketing methods into his farm.

• What you can do to add value to your community while getting your name out there at the same time.

• A SUPER easy way to create personal engagement in your farm by using social media and online strategies to work your database.

• How consistency can keep you top of mind to build your brand and what strategies have worked best for him.

• Plus a ton of other ideas that you can use to grow geographic farm!

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Grab a copy of his book – The Real Deal – Billion Dollar Real Estate Broker By Faisal Susiwala