Buying in the Waterloo Region

This is what I often hear today, and if I’m gauging this market correctly, all indicators point to another 10% to 12% increase for 2017.

What does this mean to you as a buyer?…..BUY NOW and say “I’m glad I bought last year.”

Just look at what has happened, and continues to happen, just east of us. The lesson learned is that the population is moving west along the 401 into the region of Waterloo.

We are thriving economically, socially, and in quality of life with great new infrastructure. We have better roads, transportation including LRT and GO services, and this will continue to make this region very desirable.

There is still a significant gap in valuation between the region of Waterloo and other regions east of us. We are now on their radar and buyers are coming literally by the busloads to purchase in new home sites and compete in multiple offer situations on resale homes.

At Home Shack, we continue to have the best inventory in the prime spots of this region. Reach out to me and I will personally ensure that you don’t miss out.

This is not a bubble. Welcome to the prosperous reality of Waterloo Region.

— Faisal