Buy your rent-to-own home now!

Are you in a rent-to-own program right now? If so, this is the best market for you to exercise your option to buy your rent-to-own contract out! For many years, investors and landlords have had the advantage of obtaining deposits from tenants and giving them the option to buy the property that they live in at some point in the future. What these landlords and investors did not take into consideration is that this market would increase at the rate that it has! Typically, the landlord would put a 5% annual increase in the value of the property that the tenant is living in. The last three years have been performing far better than 5% annual increase, therefore given the fact that we have had a 40% increase in values over the last 18 months, this is an ideal time to exercise your option to buy out your rent to own contract.

A simple appraisal of your current property will give you the evaluation in today’s market. I am confident that you will be pleasantly surprised at the new value of your home. Chances are that you already have 35% to 40% equity in the current home you’re living in. This allows you to go to the bank and show that you have up to 40% already built into your current residence.

Take advantage of this opportunity! Speak to a mortgage broker or a bank and get your financing in place so that you can buy out the property. Stop paying your landlord’s mortgage today!

Unsure where to begin? I have financial institutions and brokers that are ready to speak to anyone who is interested in taking advantage of these times and lower rates.

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