There’s no ‘I’ in team — and that’s the problem! Here’s a better way to get business

Here’s an alternative system for an individual real estate agent to practice multilevel partnering, a win-win for both agents

In today’s race to build the largest team of agents and close the most transactions, agents have dropped the ball on effectively training, providing solid leads and mentoring teammates.

Team members are left to fend for themselves, procuring their own leads and waiting patiently for the team leader to shine his or her light upon them. A team member sells a home to his or her best friend and pays the team leader a handsome fee for the honour of being on the superstar team.

Team members are often left disheartened and disappointed with the lack of direction and leads given to them.

Simply put, there’s no “I” in that team. As agents live in the team’s shadow, years go by without their names on a sign, agent-focused marketing and personal branding. What happened to becoming a real estate agent and building your brand? I believe that there’s a better way.

Here’s an alternative system for an individual agent to practice multilevel partnering, a win-win for the lead agent and the junior agents looking to receive a steady stream of leads.

How to leverage multilevel partnering

  1. Identify energetic, ambitious and motivated individuals to refer business to; typically, newer agents are an excellent choice.
  2. Create a referral agreement whereby you both benefit from the connection.
  3. Provide leads to a group of agents who are part of your referral network. This system is no different from what you would do if you referred business to someone outside your market. You are just doing this in your city now.
  4. Allow the receiving agent to maintain a relationship with the lead and compensate you for all future business.
  5. The receiving agent has no restrictions on branding, marketing or building their own business. So there is no disappointment. As the lead provider, this works because you are under no obligation to give a stream of leads, just as the receiving agent is not under obligation to accept your lead. When the agent has enough on their plate, you identify a new agent and repeat.

This system allows the leader to manage listings while referring buyers to buyer’s agents and collecting a referral fee on many transactions. The agents receiving the lead benefit, knowing that they will consistently get leads, which will help build their identity and brand and fuel their growth. And any business they procure is 100 percent their own.

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