5 Easy Staging Tips For Sellers

There are many important things to consider when staging your home. When you are staging your home to put on the market, sellers should create a nice and warm, and inviting atmosphere. This will attract as many potential buyers as possible. Sellers do not have to do a complete re-design and overhaul to get accomplish the perfect result.

Here are 5 simple staging tips to help boost a home’s appeal.

1. Make sure you stage rooms with only one purpose. Rooms that have different uses can confuse or even deter homebuyers. Decide who your likely going to sell your home to. Is it a young professional with no kids? What about a family with three kids? Or what about empty nesters? Make sure you present your areas to fit THEIR needs. If you’ve been using a room as a guest room/kids playroom/home office, pick the one use that best suits YOUR buyers.

2. Make sure you focus on the living areas. Your potential buyers should be able to picture themselves entertaining friends and family in the living areas of the home. Be sure to also make sure those areas feel as spacious and roomy as possible by removing any unnecessary furniture to allow for easy foot traffic flow.

3. Ensure that the master bedroom appeals to both genders. Hot pink may not be the perfect colour for the walls. Remember that the master bedroom is a room that a couple will be sharing, so the decor should appeal to both genders accordingly. Remove any feature or picture that seems too gender specific, and paint the walls a neutral colour.

4. Put away those family photos and mementos. Your potential buyers want to picture THEIR family living in a home, not yours. So put away those family portraits, personal collections and knickknacks. Removing these items will also eliminate clutter and ensure that people are focusing on the home, not the photos from the last family vacation to the beach.

5. Make sure you furnish your home, but don’t overdo it! An empty house might look like it’s spacious, but it’s often tough for potential homebuyers to visualize their belongings in a home if they’re just looking at plain and boring walls and floors!